Monday, June 10, 2013

nervous ramblings of a dietetic intern

It's raining on my first day of supervised practice to become a dietitian. Fellow dietitians, is this a bad omen like some think it is with weddings? Hmmm, but other people think rain on their wedding day is good luck. Personally, I think some days it just rains.

There are 7.2 million results for "rain good luck wedding" in Google but 28.2 million results for "rain bad luck wedding". We are not a very optimistic society. 

Oddly enough there were 64,800 results for this google search:

"what does it mean when it's raining on my first day of supervised practice because I'm really nervous and I spent too much time ironing and making myself look nice for rain to screw it up?" 

I just took that picture and on the computer screen is the draft of this very post. In the mug is coffee. The Keurig gets me out of bed so fast. They should invent Keurig alarm clocks that wake you up and brew a cup of coffee for you at the same time. And yes, my blanket is a Charlie Brown christmas.  

So you're probably getting ready to click the X and get out of this window because I've yet to tell you anything even remotely important. Can we start over?

Hi. I'm Janelle.

Your not-so-typical future dietitian. I'm becoming a dietitian for the money.... fame... health of it. For my own health and for your health. I know first hand how hard leading a healthy life can be. Good health hasn't come easy for me. I love food of all varieties and I've had to learn how to love fruits and vegetables more... for the health of it. For me, that's what it comes down to. 

My high school self would never believe that's a green smoothie in my hand. In fact, my high school self probably wouldn't know what a green smoothie is. But boy would I recognize these...

If we were talking to my high school self, 4 of those cookies would have met my face already. To some, these cookies appear healthy ["they're gluten free they must be healthy!!!"] but a cookie is a cookie is a cookie is a delicious cookie. Just because I have celiac disease and have to eat gluten free does not mean I can drown my woes in gluten free bon bons [do you think those exist? I've never even had a regular bon bon.] 

And that's been my struggle. Choosing the green over the "extra whipped cream". But I show up. Every day. Ready to make those healthy, smart choices. I'm not perfect. I don't try to be. I just show up. That's what I encourage others to do too. For the health of it.

Come back Friday for a recap of my first week as a dietetic intern. My first rotation is at a long-term care (LTC) facility!

p.s. this URL is not set in stone, I'm still trying to purchase "the one". If you want, add me to your feedly and follow along on twitter and instagram!

p.p.s. this blog is still very rough. if you notice anything wonky please let me know in the comments!


  1. Good Luck on your new blog! I am so excited to see where it will take you. Best of luck today, I am a positive you will do great!!

    1. Candice! I am so happy you came by. I miss talking! I hope you had a wonderful trip and can't wait to catch up!


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